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Toxic Assets of the Democratic Party

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Toxic assets cannot be redeemed and are guaranteed to lose. The only way for the Democratic party to liquidate these assets and profit from them is to publicly, unapologetically exile and disassociate from these sources of corruption and oblivious disregard for their own citizens and suffering people around the world. These toxic figureheads, pundits, publications, and Henny-Penny constituency bring shame, embarrassment, and an utterly complete lack of credibility to the Democrats and the entire left.

The more they are seen and the more they say, the lower the Democratic party falls on the moral scale. The neoliberal Democratic party today proffers no positive value to our nation.

Morally & Intellectually Bankrupt

George Soros
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Hillary Clinton
John Kerry
Loretta Lynch
Bill Clinton
Madeline Albright
Henry Kissinger
Chelsea Clinton
Huma Abedin
Anthony Weiner
John Podesta
Robby Mook
Neera Tanden
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Barbara Boxer
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
David Brock
Peter Daou
Robert Creamer
Rachel Maddow
Keith Olbermann
Joy-Ann Reid
Joan Walsh
Kurt Eichenwald
Paul Krugman
Robert Reich
Wall Street Journal
New York Times
Entitled victims
Hypocritical, hysterical “liberals”

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Until this growing list of sociopaths, warmongers, liars, hypocrites, propagandists, and whiners shut up and fade into a past that we only cringe when we remember, the Democrats do not stand a chance against the Trump administration and Republicans at large. Wipe the toxic assets off the books, Democrats. You lost more than an election to Donald J. Trump. You've lost all respect. 

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