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Ten Key Values of the Green Party

There is an alternative to the equally destructive neoliberalism and so-called conservatism which the Democratic and Republican parties carry forth to benefit the financial elite, corporations, and the political class.

Grassroots Democracy 
Ecological Wisdom
Social Justice

What does it say about us, our nation, our government, when a political party with values such as the Green Party's four pillars is marginalized and labeled as too far-out to be taken seriously? I think it says we've been thoroughly brainwashed to believe Orwell's prediction that someday we'd all believe,  "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. "

I challenge anyone to fault the following foundation for "the greatest country in the world" especially compared to the Corporate Rule both major parties support now.

Community-based Economics
Women's Rights
Respect for Diversity
Global Responsibility
Future Focus

If the ten key values of the Green Party are too radical--I must ask, for whom? You? Or Corporate CEOs? You and your family? Or the Ruling Class? You and your family? Or the financial elite? You and your family? Or the military industrial complex?

How closely do your own values align with the actions and policies of the party you currently support?

"To neoliberals, everyone and everything are disposable." Chris Hedges, Fooled Again

We must stop voting for politicians who have only ever catered to the .01 percent, while completely ignoring the needs of the American people they are elected to serve.


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