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Millennials Have the Power to Save the World from the Destructive Agendas of the Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians

Millennials have the whole world in the palms of their hands right now. Corporate media doesn’t want them to know that. The Democratic and Republican parties that divide the Baby Boomers' voting bloc in two certainly don’t want them to know it. Millennials have been treated like a subclass their whole adult lives. Their self-esteem isn’t what Establishment so full of itself, is. Even so, Millennials have the power. Democrats are only 31% of the electorate, and Republicans are just 29%. The rest are Independents, Greens, Libertarians, have no party affiliation, or are not even registered. Yes, many of those Independents and Libertarians are leaning toward Trump right now – but that’s mostly because they want to beat Clinton. Millennials must understand that they have the power to elect who they really want. They don’t have to settle like the Baby Boomers do because, again, their bloc is divided in half, but the Millennials are not – and they lean left.

Neither the Democratic, Republican or Libertarian parties have a platform that will save us or the rest of the world from war and economic misery. The Green Party does. Of course, mainstream media hasn’t told Americans that. The entire system is rigged against all third parties. Jill Stein isn't even allowed to debate the terrible-horrible-no-good Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Those two parties can't afford to have the whole world learn how brilliant Stein is, much less have her point out the yuuuge flaws in both of the other candidates, parties, policies and platforms. Americans have been conditioned to ignore and outright reject the greater good and vote for the lesser evil, but now that Millennials have come of age, for the first time, we don’t have to do that! The Green Party offers everything Sanders platform did, and more. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka are ten times the human beings and candidates than the Democratic and Republican…tools…tools of destruction of our economy, our liberties, our rights, and our world. Their tough talk, more violence and more war, will never solve a single problem, not even one.

Millennials can spare the world from a Clinton or Trump presidency and from the fatal trajectories of the Democratic and Republican parties. All they have to do is register and vote for the superior candidates and party -- who just so happen to offer everything they want, and more. Millennials have the power to save the world from the Democrats' and Republicans' destructive agenda for continuous war, which leads to more terrorism; environmental devastation; and the gutting of the economy for the one percent's gain. 

All we have to do is vote. Vote for the only good candidate, because who can really know which Democratic or Republican candidate is the lesser evil? No one can be sure. The only thing we can be sure of is the Green Party platform, and the Green Party's Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, who offer everything we need, and will harm no one but the .01%. Millennials have the power -- all they need to do is use it for the benefit of us all.

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