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Fusion's Green Party Forum with Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

Republicans and Democrats simply aren't offering what Americans and the world needs. A peaceful way to disrupt Establishment and break the stronghold of .01% is for a majority of US to elect the third party candidate who speaks for US, and takes no money from corporate donors.

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No Republican or Democratic president will break free from corporate domination, call out or block Deep State, or lead in a direction that benefits 99%, and fosters peace. It's Right or Left, Democrat or Republican, take your pick. No, we want neither! Neither party serves US, or protects US. The Democrats and Republicans have lost their way. They're out of touch with our values: we value people, animals, environment far more than profit! Democrats and media think the disgust is limited to Hillary Clinton, but it's actually less about her, than it is the values they share with Clinton. Neoliberalism is a FAIL for 99%.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama -- it doesn’t matter whether a Democrat or Republican is in office, there is no respite from the CIA’s dirty tricks, exponential growth of the military industrial complex, totally unnecessary wars of aggression; and corporate domination of our political process, domestic and foreign policy -- juxtaposed with the loss of Americans’ civil liberties, a steady decline in prosperity, and soaring debt. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are either powerless over, or culpable for CIA troublemakers, war-profiteers, bankers and corporations. Either way, the two-party Republic is no longer an acceptable form of government for a growing majority of US.

We can’t afford for Clinton to have 4-8 more years to further the neoconservative agenda; and we certainly can't entrust our nation to fascist, ignoramus Donald J. Trump. Millennials and Independents should coalesce to elect Green Party's Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. There are enough of US, (43 million +) but we can't not show up to vote, and we can't vote for ClintonTrump or write-in Bernie. We have to be a YUUGE voting bloc for #SteinBaraka. If we falter, we'll lose, and how! 

If we lose, we'll get Trump. In order to beat both Clinton and Trump it's absolutely critical for all the Millennials and Independents who voted for Obama, to vote for Stein.  

A Green Party victory would truly be an historical event! A total take-down.The next best thing to a coup or all-out revolution. Can you imagine? Millennials! If Electoral College dares to even think about stealing the election from US, we tell em we'll crash the whole thing, from Congress to Banks. Millennials are a big enough bloc to boss if they UNIFY on the same issues, i.e. 2016 election, peace, environment, student loans, jobs, pay, etc. Babyboomers split up (Democrats and Republicans) and diluted their power by half. If the Millennials unify instead of split, they’ll own it!

The Green Party offers everything people want and need to be actualize our inalienable rights. The Periscope above is an excellent introduction to the candidates and their plans. This link leads to the 10 key values of the Green Party, and this link will take you to the entire Green Party platform

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