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Yes, The Green Party's Jill Stein is a Much Better Presidential Candidate Than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Never have I experienced more angst relative to a presidential election as in 2016.  The reason has less to do with the two major party candidates’ unlikeability than with their agenda and potential administration over the next four years. Too much of that which is possible would have long term impacts on us, and the rest of the world. Also, I fear that neither candidate has a large enough following to be able to lead the whole nation. If Clinton is elected she'll get no respect. If Trump is elected, he'll get just about as much respect as he shows others:  none. That alone, could make him very dangerous. Scandals or drama is the most we have to look forward to with either of those two characters.

The Evils

Based on Clinton's record and Trump's rhetoric, we can trust neither candidate on economy, environment, or foreign policy. Foreign policy worries me the most, because, as absurd as it sounds, I think it’s quite possible Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could lead us directly into World War III -- if it hasn't already begun. In any event, how telling is it that neither candidate has even mentioned the prospect of peace. Do they really believe threats of war and retribution are what Americans or the world needs? Or is grandiose, hawkish posturing supposed to make us feel safe? Neither of those two will make the world safer for anyone but themselves and their own family members. No one else's. Just theirs. Such is the pathology of the super rich.

The Greater Good

There is a better candidate than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein is highly knowledgeable about foreign policy, and she is for peace. Unlike Clinton, Stein is for coalition building, not coalition bombing. Unlike Trump, her language is that of diplomacy and cooperation, not bullying and beratement. Also, Stein is the only candidate whose platform aligns with the platform of Bernie Sanders, which placed people and the planet above profit. In fact, the differences between Sanders' and Jill Stein's Green Party platform are actually improvements.

Jumping for Joy I Am Not 

The stigma attached to third parties is so great and so thorough, that no matter how much better the third party candidate is than the dreaded Democrat and Republican heavyweights, it will take a miracle to pull off the upset we need.

On one hand, there has never been a better time to vote third party due to the unpopularity of both major party candidates and their running mates. There are more voters who don't want to vote for either major party candidate than ever before. Far more than when Gore, a Democrat ran against Republican, Bush and Green Party, Nader in 2000. If a majority of those disenchanted, disenfranchised Americans vote for Stein, she could win. However, and this is a yuuuge caveat, unless most of the Millennials, Independents and outliers who would have voted for Sanders vote for Jill Stein, it is likely that Trump will win, and possible that Clinton will.

The Horror, the Horror

To the two-party upholders who claim concern about Jill Stein’s leadership capability, I say, Stein possesses leadership qualities that Clinton and Trump only dream of having: ethics, integrity, honesty, authenticity, compassion, wisdom, accountability. In terms of tough or complicated negotiations required of a president, Dr. Stein has something else that neither of the other candidates has: an unwavering moral compass to guide her, and a firm commitment to peace, planet, and all people, not just some people. Stein also has the good sense to have chosen a cultured, humanitarian as her running mate.  Ajamu Baraka is of an intellectual caliber rarely found in politics. This brilliant pair plans to lead the way to peace, not war. We should support them in that effort by electing them, not candidates who make us fear for the world.

Everything We Want Is on the Other Side of Fear

Unlike Baby Boomers, Millennials haven't divided into two major camps. They not only outnumber Baby boomers, Millennials are also a much larger voting bloc since the majority identified as Democrats, before the Sanders - DNC fiasco. Is it too much to hope that on election day Millennials will possess the courage to elect Jill Stein because they want to, because she's the best candidate?

If Millennials, Independents, Libertarians and disenfranchised Democrats will do this for US, we will have overcome our worst national nightmare. And I guarantee that no party or politician will ever take our votes for granted again.

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